Student of the Month – August

Born and raised in Michigan, Amani Hamdallah eventually moved to Ohio after marriage, where she still resides. The mother of four is of Yemeni descent and has been a student with the Ribaat Academic Institute since 2019. She had been hearing of the program for a while, but it was not easy for her to join. Amani had been putting it off because she thought she could not balance her home and family life with her studies. Once she became a student, she quickly realized otherwise.

“Joining Ribaat has been life-changing,” shares Amani. “I feel like I am part of a sisterhood that is so inspiring, motivating, and empowering.” Amani appreciates having classmates from all over the world: women like her who are mothers and pursuing their careers and academic goals. “And yet, they are still making time for their deen,” she says. “It is very uplifting and helps you realize that you’re not alone.”

Amani aspires to obtain her teacher certification through Ribaat. Some of her hobbies include reading, working out, and drinking coffee. 

“After becoming a mother, it’s so easy to lose oneself by putting one’s kids first and doing everything for everyone,” Amani states. “Taking even one class and doing something for yourself is so important. It has really helped me realize how important it is for our children to see us constantly continuing our knowledge for our deen and leading by example.” 

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