Student of the Month – August

Ribaat Student of the Month – August 2021

Faiza Ishaque is originally from Karachi, Pakistan, and moved to the States in 1998. The mom of four resides in Glen Ellyn, Illinois with her family. She holds a bachelor’s in biology with a minor in psychology, and had intended to pursue medicine. Once she became pregnant with her first, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom. 

     “Allah then opened the door for me to learn the deen, and I took my first Islamic studies course in 2007 and have been learning and taking classes since,” recalls Faiza.

     In 2011, she was introduced to Anse Tamara during Rabata’s first Chicago tour. She attended her talks and immediately fell in love, wanting to study ‘ilm under her guidance. She started right away with the pilot Companions class, which was the first course that began the Ribaat Academic Institute. While she also took Islamic classes through other organizations, she says “However, I kept coming back to Ribaat.” Since then, Faiza has met more teachers through Ribaat and finds them to be ‘down to earth and full of light.’

     “I love Ribaat and how all the teachers take time out to teach us with love and sincerity despite any struggles they may have,” Faiza shares. “Seeing them really motivates me to learn and work for others. With little ones, I can’t take many classes but hope to take more classes in the future.” 

     With the intention to teach others, Faiza plans to help the community in whatever way she can. She appreciates the Rabata Masjid and many of the other programs the organization has to offer.

     “Everyone is so far apart, yet they all come together in these virtual [spaces] to learn and worship together,” says Faiza. “Being part of Ribaat has surely grown me spiritually, and I have learned so much from each and every class I’ve taken.”

     Faiza states that she learned from her Ribaat teachers to value the early morning hours. She uses the peaceful time to do extra worship. Through this practice, she has found more blessings in her day. Faiza hopes to take all of Ribaat’s classes over time. 

     “Alhumdulilllah, I was able to finish the khitmah of the Quran with Anse Salwa through Ribaat, and my next goal is to work on my memorization,” Faiza says. 

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