Student of the Month – February

Ida Nitter grew up in a town on the western coast of Norway but has spent most of her adult life in the United States. She moved to the Twin Cities back in 2009 for college and has done some travels for further studies including overseas to Cairo, Egypt. Currently, Ida is a full-time doctorate student in modern Islamic history, so writing is her main priority right now. She also volunteers for Ribaat as well as the Rabata Masjid and feels grateful for the community she has found there.

In 2017, Ida accepted Islam and met Sunbal Iqbal at a retreat that same year, who told her about Ribaat. Ida’s journey then began in 2018 as a Ribaat student. She joined Sunbal in the Purification class with Anse Marah Dahman. “That opened up my eyes to a world of female Islamic scholarship,” recalls Ida. “I did not realize it existed in the U.S.”

However, it was not until after the pandemic hit that Ida dedicated herself to more Ribaat courses as all of her local classes stopped meeting in person. She especially turned her focus towards her Tajwid studies and appreciated the curriculum Ribaat offers for it. Now she is working to obtain the Ribaat Teacher Certification as well.

“Alhamdulillah, I have had a great experience,” Ida shares. “I love my teachers and have really enjoyed getting to know my fellow classmates. I particularly love the diversity of the classes – from the academically rigorous to the ones that really make you work on your heart.”

Through Ribaat, Ida has gained confidence, strength, and knowledge in her faith. More than anything, though, she states that Ribaat has given her an invaluable community that she did not have before. 

In her free time, Ida loves being in nature, hiking, and downhill skiing. She plays the flute and is learning the daff, too. Ida enjoys arts and crafts, especially with others.

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