Student of the Month – February

In the heart of Utah, where the majestic mountains reach toward the sky, resides Aisha Hassan, our February student of the month! Born in Somalia and raised in the scenic landscapes of Utah, Aisha loves spending time in nature and doing dhikr.

As a dedicated chemistry teacher in a public high school, she serves around 200 students annually, many of whom have never interacted with a Muslim before. It is in this diverse and dynamic environment that Aisha has chosen to embody the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, creating a learning space that is not only safe and respectful but also filled with mercy, nurtures creativity, and joy in learning. Her passion for making chemistry accessible and equitable for all her students is a reflection of her deep commitment to inclusivity and understanding.

Aisha’s journey with Rabata and the Ribaat Academic Institute began in the summer of 2020, sparked by the daily Ramadan Quran reflections by Anse Tamara Gray, which she came across on Instagram. This moment of inspiration led her to dive deeper into her Islamic studies, embarking on a path that would see her taking all the Tajwīd courses from 201 to 502, and currently pursuing the Ijazah track to memorize the entire Quran, inshaAllah. Aisha’s academic pursuits have not been limited to Tajwīd alone; she has explored various courses across the different tracks of learning, further enriching her understanding and connection to her faith.

Anse Tamara, in particular, has been a significant influence in Aisha’s life, inspiring her through the Companions classes to strive to create spaces that nurture love for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This inspiration has seamlessly blended into her professional life as a teacher, where she endeavors to bring the light of the Sunnah through her interactions and teaching methodology.

Aisha’s experience with Ribaat has been nothing short of beautiful. Starting as a student and now serving as an admin, she has witnessed firsthand the impact of being part of a supportive and spiritually enriching community. Participating in the Baqarah challenge and engaging with the Tahajjud thread and dhikr challenges throughout the year have helped her establish and maintain daily habits that strengthen her connection to Allah ﷻ.

Looking ahead, Aisha’s goal is to attain Ijazah in Quran memorization, a journey she approaches with determination and faith.

Aisha Hassan’s story is an inspiring illustration of faith, education, and a commitment to community. As she continues on her path, we pray for her success and look forward to the many ways she will continue to inspire those around her.

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