Student of the Month – June

Dr. Rukshana Ahmed is of Bangladeshi descent and currently lives in Ohio with her husband and new baby. She is a pediatrician who enjoys building relationships with the children and families she serves. Becoming a mother has been the most amazing experience of her life thus far. 

Many of the women at a local halaqa that Rukshana attends have taken classes with Ribaat and recommended the program to her. Two years ago, Rukshana officially became a student herself with Ribaat. Her focus has been Quran and Tajwid classes and has found the experience to be wonderful.

“The blend of online  classes with one-to-one video sessions is really beneficial,” says Rukshana. “The teachers are very dedicated. No matter what level you are at, they will work with you patiently to help you improve.”

Being able to recite the Quran and feel comfortable doing it around others has been extremely beneficial for Rukshana. She was able to recite Quran out loud regularly for her baby to hear during her pregnancy as well as after the passing of a family member. 

“This is such an important part of being Muslim,” Rukshana notes. “I’m so glad I was able to learn the skills I needed through Ribaat. I just wish I had started taking classes with Ribaat earlier. There is so much to learn.” 

Rukshana hopes to continue on this path of knowledge. She plans to pursue Arabic and Fiqh classes next. In her free time, Rukshana enjoys being outdoors walking, hiking, and biking. She is also an avid bookworm and loves visiting public libraries. 

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