Student of the Month – March

Javon Graham is a new convert to Islam, converting in July 2021. By profession, she works as an accountant and greatly cherishes her family and friends. She enjoys learning about Islam and has been a student with the Ribaat Academic Institute for over a semester. Javon was introduced to the program through a friend, who she considers her sister in Islam.

Fiqh 101 is the Ribaat class with which Javon has begun her Islamic knowledge journey. She found it to be very beneficial for her. “The things I have learned in this class are lessons and tips I use and reflect on everyday,” says Javon. “It has given me a peace of mind and helped me know the proper way to pray, fast and guidelines around purity and menstruation.”

As a new Muslim, Javon is working towards building her relationship with Allah and to learn more about Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Some of her hobbies include herbalism and reading, and she loves building memories with the people in her life.

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