Student of the Month – March

Meet our Student of the Month, Saskia Eddarkaoui, a German convert to Islam, living her enriching journey alongside her Moroccan husband and their four children, aged between 3 and 11 years. Saskia has woven her life around faith, family, and the fervent desire to contribute to her community. Despite the absence of a robust Muslim community in her locality, her spirit remained unshaken, fueled by prayers for positive change, she resolved to still provide the right environment for her family and children. 

With a Master’s degree in Sociology under her belt, she made the heartfelt decision to dedicate her time and energy to raising her children and nurturing their education within the warmth of her home. Her commitment to Islamic education led her to teach at a small Islamic school, taking on both educational and managerial roles. When the school’s doors closed, her resolve didn’t waver. Instead, she opened the doors of her home, continuing the legacy of learning through a private Sunday school for her students. Due to the scarcity of German resources, Saskia exemplifies dedication and creativity in her approach to teaching by crafting educational materials from scratch! 

Her journey with the Ribaat Academic Institute began in the fall of 2019, ignited by an interview she watched with Anse Dr. Tamara Gray by Ustadha Kathrin Klausing. The flame of curiosity led to her first classes with Anse Marah’s Purification Class and Anse Dr. Tamara’s Fast and Friendly Fiqh, marking the start of an enduring educational voyage. Through her studies, she has pursued the Ribaat Teacher Certification with zeal, drawing from a wellspring of courses that have each, in their unique way, touched and transformed her life.

The influence of Anse Marah and Anse Rydanah resonates deeply within her, each leaving an indelible mark on her heart. The excellence and holistic approach of Ribaat have provided her with a unique and comprehensive Islamic education which Saskia believes is unparalleled. This institution has been a beacon of light, offering a supportive and enriching environment for her growth in faith and knowledge. She says, “Since I started, I never regretted it a single second. I never came across an organization in which I found such excellency on all levels and in all aspects, as I found in Ribaat.”

Ribaat has been more than just an educational platform for her; it has been a “deen-saver”, providing her with the tools and confidence to educate her children and grow in her spiritual and intellectual pursuits. Her goals are ambitious yet grounded in humble service to Allah ﷻ, aiming to complete the Teacher Certificate in 2024 and aspiring towards the Scholar Certificate thereafter. In the midst of her studies, she still extends beyond Ribaat through serving as an invaluable admin of the Rabata Halaqa Program, enriching the lives of many.

A lover of reading, writing, and running, Saskia finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, like enjoying a “café au lait”, indulging in chocolate, and the distinct aroma of books. Yet, amidst her many interests, she humorously notes her unfortunate knack for horticulture.

To her fellow Ribaat students, she extends a heartfelt invitation to set out on this transformative journey. Her message is one of encouragement, urging women not to let life’s circumstances like having children deter their pursuit of knowledge and growth. For those hesitating due to language barriers or time zone challenges, she is a testament to the profound impact Ribaat can have on one’s life, even if it means navigating through the recordings that are made available and initially unfamiliar vocabulary.

As we celebrate Saskia’s achievements and dedication, we are reminded of the potential within each of us to make a difference, no matter where we are or what challenges we face. As our Anisaat at Ribaat always remind us, we will thrive when we live in the shelter of one another.

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  1. Antonietta Abuzeid

    Mashaallah sister congratulations
    Ich spreche Deutsch und habe Deutsch studiert. Ich bin Italienerin.
    The best academy ever isn’t it.

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