Student of the Month – May

Hailing from the diverse landscapes of Uganda, Ribaat Academic Institute’s May Student of the Month, Mariam Nambi now resides in the United Arab Emirates, where she works as a house manager. Daughter to a Muslim father who passed away when Mariam was 9 years old, she was raised by her single mother who would later accept Islam from Christianity. Growing up in a predominantly Christian land and attending mostly Catholic schools, Mariam found learning her faith to be a challenge, and so she welcomed the opportunity to explore her faith offered by her boss, Madam Aisha in the UAE. She started studying Quran recitation and Islamic Studies with Madam Aisha.

Upon her boss’s encouragement to continue her exploration, Mariam registered for classes with the Ribaat Academic Institute in 2023. She started off with Tajwīd and Fiqh, focusing on developing confidence in her recitation of the Quran and understanding ritual practice. Mariam doesn’t allow the knowledge she gains to stop with her. She reports back to her mom and four brothers with all that she learns, opening opportunities for them to also develop confidence and comfort in their faith.

Mariam shares about the profound impact her Fiqh 101, Fast and Friendly Fiqh, class had on her, and in particular, her teacher, Anse Eamaan Rabbat. She says regarding Anse Eamaan, “She answers all my questions and explains deeply so that you understand and gives live examples based on day-to-day life. She inspires me and I love her personality.” All the while, Mariam found joy and fun in the learning process with Anse Eamaan, instilling the longing and desire to continue her studies.

Mariam loves studying with Ribaat. She found answers to her questions, clarity replaced confusion, her faith strengthened, and she found confidence in her practice especially as a Muslim woman. Further Mariam mentions the improvement in her Arabic pronunciation thanks to her boss Madam Aisha and Ribaat’s Anse Hafsa. Not only is studying with Ribaat educational and faith-fortifying, but she appreciates the interactions with all of the Muslim ladies around the world, reminding her of the profound impact of Islam on the individual and global level.

Mariam plans to continue learning with the Ribaat Academic Institute and to bring her knowledge to each of her spaces. From her family members to friends and even non-Muslim acquaintances, she hopes that her knowledge can guide her interactions and provide others with the opportunity to learn through her. When not studying or working, Mariam enjoys reading and listening to audiobooks, playing sports, traveling, journaling, trying new foods, and cannulating plants.

May Allah ﷻ bless Mariam’s path ahead, send openings in her studies, and make her a beautiful example of faith in action.

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