Student of the Month – May

May 2021 Ribaat Student of the Month – Gety Siddiqui

Gety Siddiqui is a mom of two grown children and a retired travel consultant. Originally from Pakistan, she now resides in San Antonio, Texas. For a few successful years, she ran an ethnic food truck business with her son. Gety lost her husband in 2010 but has spent a lot of her time volunteering with refugees and converts. She is also a cancer survivor and continues to teach students online during the pandemic.

Despite being diagnosed in 2019, Gety completed the first level of tajwīd with the Ribaat Academic Institute. She attended the Growing Hope Tour in the summer of 2019 when it passed through Dallas and immediately signed up for classes. She has also furthered her studies with the Ribaat Arabic Program and has taken 5 courses with Ribaat in these two years.

“I love the classes and teachers,” shares Gety. “At the end of a class, I eagerly wait for the next one and appreciate the teachers’ dedication. My experience with Ribaat has been great so far: challenging but rewarding at the same time.”

Due to her health and age, Gety has not set any specific goals in terms of getting certified. However, she does plan to continue taking classes as long as she can.

“My heartfelt congratulations and admiration to all my young colleagues,” Gety says. “I hope they continue and become teachers at Ribaat to spread the deen far and wide.”

Gety likes to garden, knit, crochet, cross-stitch embroidery, and cook. Her only dislike is when someone gives up on him/herself or others. 

She sets a beautiful example in perseverance and resilience for all that know her.

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