Student of the Month – November

Ribaat Student of the Month
November 2020

Sabrina Chowdhury is originally from Chicago but has been calling Minnesota home for the past 13 years. She is an educator and spends most of her time homeschooling her four children. In 2013, Sabrina became a student with Ribaat after she met Anse Tamara Gray.
“My experience thus far has been nothing but positive,” shares Sabrina, who is a hafitha of the Qur’an. “I am grateful for the accessibility to beneficial knowledge that Ribaat provides. The teachers and staff are committed to helping you succeed.”
According to Sabrina, Rabata provides a beautiful space for nurturing sisterhood. She states she has made many friendships with fellow Ribaat students over the years and hopes to continue her learning journey with Ribaat in the years to come inshallah.
Some of Sabrina’s hobbies include reading, paper-crafting, playing strategy board games and exploring the outdoors. She is currently taking Sīra with Anse Randa Mardini and feels truly blessed.
            “I cannot express how fortunate I feel,” Sabrina says. “To be given the opportunity to study under her is truly a blessing from Allah. I pray that we can do collective shukr, so that we may continue to benefit from these teachers through Ribaat.”

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  1. Assalamu alaikum Sabrina, this is Iffath aunty, it’s so good to find you here, mashaAllah. Keep up the good work. May Allah Almighty bless you and your loved ones with the best of the Deen, dunya, health, and wealth, ameen. Keep me in your duas.

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