Student of the Month – November

In the throes of world-wide isolation, Dr. Aaisha Vawda felt this separation more poignantly as she migrated across the Atlantic, from South Africa to Canada. The loss of family, friends, and familiarity left the introverted Aaisha in search of something more, but still hesitant to venture out into her new community. After a few months, her mother, recognizing her loneliness, shared the Rabata instagram page with Aaisha, encouraging her to explore the organization. Dr. Aaisha obliged and soon found her spiritual and emotional lifeline, a family away from family, a much needed space.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Aaisha completed her memorization of the Holy Qur’an and longed for a space to both review her memorization and further her qualifications and skills. The Ribaat Academic Institute provided this and much more. Dr. Aaisha started classes with Ribaat by taking tajwid, starting from level 2 and now at level 5, mashaAllah. She credits Anse Aysha Fazil and Anse Nisreen Jallad for nurturing her on this path of Qur’an, part of the unexpected and exceptional support she found.

Dr. Aaisha appreciates the online platform of Ribaat that allows her to be part of a larger community of amazing women from the comfort of her home Alhamdulillah. In reflecting on the creation of this community, Dr. Aaisha remembers fondly her first meetings with Anse Sarah Ali, who ignited in her a love for Rabata. Anse Tamara also has shaped her experience with Ribaat tremendously, and when asked about her overall impression of Ribaat, she responds with a resounding “Amazing!”

While dedicated to the Qur’an, she also can be seen in Islamic studies classes from Tadabbur to Companions to Purification and Sira. Dr. Aaisha loves learning and taking new classes, and hopes to continue forward as she harnesses a newfound love for teaching.

Dr. Aaisha serves as a trained Homeopath. She loves to take her clients on a journey of healing, using all of her passions and tools. As a hafidha (memorizer/protector) of the Qur’an, Dr. Aaisha knows the healing qualities of Allah’s Book, which she accesses along with her knowledge of neuroscience, Prophetic practice, and the latest scientific research. When not studying or consulting with her clients, Dr. Aaisha can also be found teaching sisters Qur’an and tajwid, helping them reach new milestones on their journeys.

Her studies at Ribaat will only further her ability to serve her community and clients. Alhamdulillah, Dr. Aaisha recently completed her 5 Juz Certification (may Allah ta’ala accept it from her and reward her immensely). She is one of only 3 students to have accomplished this feat with Ribaat. It is her hope to continue and one day to also obtain her teacher certification. Dr. Aaisha also hopes to one day attend a Ribaat retreat, where she can connect with all of the sisters and Anisaat she has met virtually.

May Allah ta’ala bless her studies and her efforts to help heal and bring ease to others.

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