Student of the Month – September

Amina Wasi currently resides in Bentonville, Arkansas, and grew up in Toronto, Canada. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Science and has worked as an educator at an Islamic school for several years. She is in the process of pursuing her master’s degree in Information Systems Security but is taking a break as a new mom. Amina became a student with the Ribaat Academic Institute in 2020 when she began her journey with the Ribaat Tajwid Program. 

Through the Daybreak Press book Crowning Venture by Dr. Saadia Mian, Amina learned about Rabata and was later introduced to Ribaat through a friend, who encouraged her to take some courses. 

“My experience with Ribaat has been so positive and transformative,” shares Amina. “Ribaat’s mission is not only necessary but essential in sustaining traditional female scholarship and equipping women with sacred knowledge in general. Inspiring women to not only change their own lives through sacred knowledge but to spread that light of knowledge with others is a noble endeavor.” Amina appreciates the sincerity of Ribaat’s teachers and volunteers and feels enlightened by other supplemental worship programs like the weekly virtual qiyams at Masjid Rabata and the Pilgrims at Home game during the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah.

“Every individual has access to this knowledge, even those with learning challenges or barriers or those who just don’t know where to begin,” Amina states. “I admire that this organization really cares for you, and it shows through their interactions, various support groups, and the acknowledgement of our small victories and milestones throughout the learning process.” 

What stands out most to Amina about Ribaat is how relatable her teachers and classmates are. She finds the similarities between their respective professional and familial responsibilities to be comforting on this path and that she is not alone. 

“My journey with Ribaat has given me perspective on how I should be living my temporal life on earth,” notes Amina. “It has taught me the expansive mercy and love Allah has for us and has navigated me through rough times in my own life. It has shown me how a step towards Him leads to endless blessings and experiences. I have also become more attached to the Quran through Ribaat’s tajwid classes and found inspiration from others.”  

 In addition, Amina states that she has found a sense of grounding and discipline in her spiritual development through Rabata. She is able to challenge herself with stronger worship habits and accomplish goals she never imagined for herself before, like daily recitation of Surat al-Baqarah. Furthermore, Amina enjoyed the life lessons taught in her classes where ‘theory meets application.’ 

“We are taught to implement and gain meaning to the lessons we learn by bringing change into our own lives,” Amina says. “It gives a sense of purpose and creates an urgency towards becoming a better version of oneself.”

Amina plans to continue with the Ribaat Tajwid Program and also delve into the new Arabic program. She hopes to begin memorizing the Quran and eventually obtain the 5 Juz’ certification. She advises all future Ribaat students to not be afraid to take the first step and to just start no matter her age or circumstances. 

“If I did not start when the opportunity came, I wouldn’t have had the honor to be able to finish my khitmah in the blessed city of Medina,” recalls Amina. “It is an unforgettable moment I will always cherish.”

In her free time, Amina likes to take in scenic views, try her hand at different food dishes, and in organizing and listening to Islamic podcasts.

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