Karima Traeger Ribaat Academic Institute Student

Student of the Month – September

Karima Traeger found her way to the Ribaat Academic Institute as many of her fellow classmates did – through a friend’s loving recommendation to attend Masjid Rabata programming. Soon after, in 2021, Karima registered for her first classes with Ribaat and continues now with a focus on Arabic, Tajwīd, and Tafsīr. Karima shares that Ribaat provided a space to learn her deen in comfort, joy, and community.

The community she describes is one where every sister is welcome, and while all the Anisaat made her feel this, two especially impacted her – Ustadha Maha Hamoui and Anse Nahal Dahman. Karima reflects on how Anse Nahal manages to make every student feel so comfortable, despite the varying levels of fluency in their Qur’an reading. Her gentle encouragement pushes students beyond the progress they initially anticipated. Karima also finds pleasure in attending Ustadha Maha’s Quran Inspirations classes, where she combines her wealth of knowledge in the Arabic language with practical take-aways from each week’s tafsir lesson.

The welcoming and compassionate environment of the Ribaat Academic Institute encourages women from all walks of life to find a path of learning suited for them. Karima, a convert, describes the dedication of the Anisaat and their passion in teaching, sharing how it “encourages everyone to engage, learn, and do their best.” She treasures that Ribaat provides “such a different and truly enjoyable learning experience,” where the diverse student community finds gentle support and the space to acquire knowledge practically and free of anxiety, with access to recordings and lessons as needed.

Karima, mother to two girls, lives in the Detroit Metro area in the United States, where she spends her spare time gardening and enjoying walks. She prays to continue her studies with Ribaat to expand her knowledge of Islam and the Arabic language.

1 thought on “Student of the Month – September”

  1. MashaAllah sister Karima, way to go!
    Alhamdulillah it’s a great pleasure and privilege to be classmates and Halaqa sisters with sister Karima. She always strives to learn and practice the deen with enthusiasm and German precision.
    May Allah swt increase and guide us 🤲

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