Student of the Month

Ribaat Student of the Month ~ August 2017

Khadijah Chemat


While listening to her local radio station in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Khadijah Chemat was intrigued to hear about an online education program for women taught by women. She heard Anse Tamara Gray’s interview on during her Malaysia tour in January 2017. After hearing the interview, Khadijah wanted to learn more about “Rabata” and went searching for more information. She was amazed to find that the entire organization is run by volunteers and was impressed by the dedication of its organizers. She was also pleased to know about a new local chapter that had just begun called Rabata Malaysia.

Without much hesitation, Khadijah, who works full-time in IT, decided to sign up for Ribaat and become a student. Her first choice was to join the creative writing course with Anse Najiyah Maxfield. This was a whole new experience for Khadijah to learn on a virtual platform.

“Even though you are interacting in cyberspace, you are still getting to know your teacher and classmates,” says Khadijah, who loves to go backpacking in her free time. “It was refreshing meeting new people and learning what other cultures exist outside of Malaysia.”

Khadijah took quite a bit away from her first Ribaat class such as finding confidence in herself as a writer. It was an elective course she joined for starters but still took very seriously. “It opened my eyes and mind to what I can potentially contribute as a Muslim writer,” shares Khadijah. “I love books and want to bring better selections of Muslim fiction books to other readers.”

Aside from work and studies, Khadijah actively volunteers in community service along with her two older sisters. She also seems to enjoy stepping out of her comfort zone and travels extensively to learn about other people, cultures and places.

“It’s nice to know that I can find good people through Ribaat from all around the world and can meet them from the comfort of my home,” Khadijah says. “It brings me to the conclusion that good people are everywhere.”

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