Student of the Month – April

In the vibrant mosaic of the Ribaat Academic Program, the journey of each student adds unique shades and patterns, enriching our collective narrative. This month, we are thrilled to spotlight Fara Rasiman, April’s Student of the Month, whose life story is a testament to the beauty of diversity, the pursuit of knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to community service. Hailing from the culturally rich and humid landscapes of Malaysia, Fara’s multicultural background has shaped her into a true global citizen. Her career has spanned various sectors, including startups, tech, sustainable energy, and nonprofits, touching lives across the Asia-Pacific, European, and North American markets.

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Karima Traeger Ribaat Academic Institute Student

Student of the Month – September

Karima Traeger found her way to the Ribaat Academic Institute as many of her fellow classmates did – through a friend’s loving recommendation to attend Masjid Rabata programming. Soon after, in 2021, Karima registered for her first classes with Ribaat and continues now with a focus on Arabic, Tajwīd, and Tafsīr. Karima shares that Ribaat provided a space to learn her deen in comfort, joy, and community.

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“A woman with a good bit of life behind her is able to absorb lessons and teach them to others with years’ worth of examples and stories that bring the learning to life. She is able to teach with both an authoritative presence that helps her guide others through the rough waters of self-reflection and a knowing tranquility that is the cozy spiritual equivalent of being 'squishy,' as my granddaughter raves about my middle-age pudge.” Anse Najiyah Maxfield

Students of a Certain Age

When I first began studying at the Ribaat Academic Institute, back before there even really was a Ribaat, I sat down and cried. Not because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to study seriously in my own home. Not because I was so spiritually moved by the Companions in the pilot class that I just couldn’t contain my tears. And not because I enjoyed the exercise of heart and mind that was the final exam. No. I cried because all the other students were in their twenties…maybe thirties…and I was the only one beginning my studies at 50 years old.

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