New Year’s eve brings with it myriads of women who promise themselves 1500 calorie lives, and dozens of credit cards cut up and tossed into baskets. Let us be different.

On this day, when the rest of the world is pulling up their dunyā socks, what resolutions might you make?

Let us promise that 2014 will be a year of generosity. That we will live like Abū Ḥudhayfa (r), ‘Uthmān (r), Zaynab (r) and ʿĀʾisha (r) (to name a few) and generously give our money, clothes, shoes, time and emotions to others.

Let us promise that 2014 will be a year of big dreams and big accomplishments. That we will look to women like Fāṭima a-Fihriyya, Nana Asma’u, and al-Khansāʾ (r) and look at our communities, diagnose the ills, examine our talents and resources, and then step up and get to work.

Let us promise that 2014 will be a year of deep knowledge and spiritual growth. That our eyes will open to pages of books, and the place of sujūd, while they close to the distractions of these times.

Let us be generous, dream big, and grow deeply, that one day our children and theirs will have women to tell their grandchildren about.

Happy 2014 to all of you. May Allah make it a year that will stand and advocate for you on the Day of Judgment. Ameen.

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