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If you’ve read anything from Frankenstein to The Kill List, you’ve probably encountered what we refer to as “Literary Exasperation Syndrome”. That vexing feeling you get when you see yet another Muslim character portrayed through smug, paranoid, or even well-intentioned Western eyes.

Up until recently, these sorts of books have drowned out Muslim voices on the literary landscape, but we are beginning to provide an authentic counterpoint to the sensationalist rubbish. Daybreak Press endeavors to raise and amplify the voices of Muslim women so they can be heard and understood above the din.

At Daybreak, we’re dedicated to helping Muslim women change the world, one story at a time. That involves not only publishing their works, but doing our best to get them into as many venues as possible. We strive to support our authors, enrich our communities and improve ourselves together – as a sisterhood of literature, scholarship and faith.

Thanks for joining us on that journey! Please pop in now and again to keep abreast of our book launches, events, workshops, school visits, and thoughts as we set about affecting positive cultural change through the written word.


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