Where Do We Stand?

Among millions of Muslims all over the world – among all the inhabitants of the world – the questions pose themselves…

Where do we stand? What is our role? What is our affiliation? These are grave questions, and upon their answers lie our fate in this world and the next.

Join us on a tour of our lands in the east and the west, and learn how these lands have been blessed with the light of tawḥīd, and filled with the love of the Prophet ﷺ and longing for him.

3 thoughts on “Where Do We Stand?”

  1. Nida Naseem Khokhar

    MashaALLAH such a beautiful and immensely inspiring video. I could not stop crying when the video of Chechnya began. What a marvelous effort on behalf of Rabata. May ALLAH the most merciful accept this effort and these powerful duas mentioned in the video.

  2. Kimberly Sproat

    I really enjoyed the video and how the Mawla is celebrated across the globe. I had the pleasure to be abel to see how it is celebrated in Egypt last year <3

  3. Wow this is absolutely moving and beautiful. The Chechens receiving the cup had me so emotional. I especially love the fact that in any culture you can be true to it, and to Islam. Seeing so many people in Pakistan was amazing to see the wave of believers.

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