Write with Your Voice!

Write with Your Voice!

The most authentic way to connect with anyone is to be your true self. Even in writing, there’s a special tone any writer uses to convey his or her personality through words. If you sound uncomfortable saying it – it’ll read uncomfortably, too. What’s the best way to make sure your authentic self jumps from the pages to connect with the hearts of your readers?

1. Confidence

Be in love with your own voice! Obviously, there are some grammatical semantics we should all be following when it comes to communicating through writing, but whether you’re writing a memoir, a cookbook or even a children’s book – being true to your personal tone will eliminate awkwardness in the passages themselves. Even within the realm of academic work, what makes each researcher’s paper unique is the way they weave around the material they are presenting to their audience. Feel secure in your material and the way you want to present the information or story to your readers.

2. Originality

Your voice and tones are greatly unique. No one else can exude exactly what you are doing when they write on the same topic. Try to maintain your original source of inspiration and go back to it frequently. Do you have a soundtrack that puts you in the right frame of mind to write? Is there a special spot on a hiking trail that helps you clear your head and re-aligns all your ideas? Maybe even a phone call to a close friend who manages to clear the cobwebs and gets you back in your true voice zone is what you need. Make a mention note to dig in and grasp that personal voice to make your manuscript shine in however form you find it. Whatever this inspiration is – and experimenting is necessary to find out what it may be exactly during different segments of your life – visit it frequently to keep your originality fresh and vibrant.

3. Self Awareness

The state of being conscious of your own convictions, passions, strengths and weaknesses is a crucial element to writing that both editors and writers get excited to experience. The easiest way for a character to fall flat or a verse of poetry to sound dull is when the writer is going against the grain of their natural embodiment of personal clarity. Embrace your inner identity and allow the writing to fall in waves of authenticity. Not only will writing with self-awareness generate positive feedback from readers, writing about things you have wholehearted, genuine emotions about is essential to creating literary masterpieces that will have long lasting value to yourself and those who you become close to through developing a wider readership. When there’s a topic you’re unsure about, research and jump in 110% so that you’re completely at ease with carrying out your writing project.


Afshan Malik

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