Student of the Month – January

Born in Pakistan, raised in Chicago, Dr. Samreen Vora longed for a different spiritual experience. Allah ta’ala works in mysterious ways and while Dr. Samreen knew nothing of Minnesota, Allah set her on a path. Seven years ago, work brought Dr. Samreen to the Minnesota area and soon after, she heard about Rabata. She longed to visit, but the location felt unfamiliar and daunting. However, after the RCC opened its Arden Hills location, she knew it was time.

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Beautiful Endings and Fresh Beginnings

As an educator, this time of the year is always bittersweet for me. While the semester draws to a close with exams, class parties, and grades, I also feel a sense of sadness for the ending of another calendar year. This season always marks for me the end of one part of my journey in this life, and the inception of the next. For me, it invites reflection, closure, and anticipation. As the calendar draws to a close, it prompts me to look back upon the experiences, challenges, and growth that have shaped me over the preceding months. It also inspires me to cast my gaze forward, brimming with aspirations, resolutions, and the promise of fresh beginnings.

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Student of the Month – November

In the throes of world-wide isolation, Dr. Aaisha Vawda felt this separation more poignantly as she migrated across the Atlantic, from South Africa to Canada. The loss of family, friends, and familiarity left the introverted Aaisha in search of something more, but still hesitant to venture out into her new community. After a few months, her mother, recognizing her loneliness, shared the Rabata instagram page with Aaisha, encouraging her to explore the organization. Dr. Aaisha obliged and soon found her spiritual and emotional lifeline, a family away from family, a much needed space.

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