April 2019 – Amber Tariq Javed

Amber Tariq Javed is a mother of two who has moved around quite a bit in her life and currently resides in Pakistan with her family. She has a master’s degree in social work and enjoys working with children in various capacities, her favorite leaning towards providing Islamic education in fun, creative ways.

In the summer of 2019, Amber attended Ribaat’s Growing Hope Tour in Dallas, Texas. This was her first exposure to Rabata, and Amber was utterly amazed by the team and their impactful program. Thereafter, she participated in the Pilgrims at Home competition during the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah and became a Ribaat student the following fall semester.

“I knew I wanted Rabata to be a regular part of my life from here on out,” shares Amber, who likes to bake and read in her free time. “I love the sisterhood, and everyone that I have worked with so far has been tremendously helpful and friendly. I was looking for a group like this for so long but didn’t even know it until I experienced it. Moreover, I was introduced to various kinds of prayers and worship habits through Ribaat, and I have been making an effort to pray tahajjud and do adhkār as often I can.”

Now that Amber’s kids are in school, she wants to focus her time and energy on her spiritual development. She feels that Rabata came at the right time in her life.

“For so long, I have been wanting to formally study Islam,” Amber says. “It seems like most converts get the opportunity to study Islam in its pure form and know exactly why they accept Islam. Those of us who are born into Islam take it for granted sometimes and don’t spend the time and energy in understanding our faith in depth.” Amber adds that as a mother, it is important for her to be able to teach her children with sound knowledge that she herself has studied and understood. She also hopes that, with the help of Ribaat, she can finish reading Quran with tajwīd and learn Arabic to better understand the Quran in its original language.

“I am currently taking Foundations, Floundering and Faith with Anse Tamara Gray, and it’s so full of beautiful lessons about what Islam is,” tells Amber. There are concepts that I knew were important but was not aware of their significance, such as trying to achieve ihsan (excellence) in our actions. Inshallah, I hope to continue taking courses in all these Islamic sciences and hope to work towards certification possibly.”

Another thing Amber hopes to gain through Rabata is deep, long-term companionships with women who will grow with her on this spiritual journey.

“I’m looking for friends for Allah’s sake,” says Amber. “I would love to connect with more amazing women on this spiritual path with me insha Allah, so please do reach out to me.”

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