May 2019 – Fatima Al-Raisi

Fatima Al-Raisi has quite a full plate as a PhD candidate in the school of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. However, when she heard about Dr. Saadia Mian’s book The Crowing Venture, she decided to join its discussion group on WhatsApp. This led her to learn about the Ribaat Academic Program, and she immediately enrolled as a student. Since then, Fatima has benefited from the variety of courses she has taken and excelled quickly.

“My experience thus far has been absolutely amazing, uplifting, inspiring as well as educational!” shares Fatima, who is originally from Muscat, Oman. “I have learned so much since joining Ribaat in terms of knowledge and practical tips for continued self-improvement and bringing about positive change. I have also met many amazing women through Ribaat. I now have a larger and richer network of friends from different parts of the world. It’s a beautiful sense of sisterhood and community, especially for me as a busy student who is so far away from home.” 

Another aspect of Ribaat that Fatima appreciates is the spiritual enlightenment and the ability to connect more with her faith. She states that through the many programs, events and classes Ribaat offers, she has been able to maintain a better state of mindfulness and remembrance of God.

“We often live our busy lives in a state of spiritual heedlessness,” says Fatima. “Ribaat has helped me expand and grow intellectually as well as spiritually. As women on full schedules and many responsibilities, we don’t always get a chance to go to Jum’a or join the Saturday halaqa on campus or in the masjid. Through its many events and programs throughout the seasons, Ribaat helps maintain the state of mindfulness and remembrance.”

Fatima hopes to eventually obtain her ijaza in Quranic studies through Ribaat. She also aspires to be able to translate a number of Islamic studies books from English to Arabic.

“I have a newfound interest in the role of women bringing about positive cultural change,” tells Fatima. “Ribaat highlights so many ways and expertise on how to do this in today’s day and age. My goal is to learn and seize any unique educational opportunities Ribaat brings and be able to share it with others, while I continue to learn and grow myself. I am so grateful to have found companions on this beautiful path of learning through Ribaat.”


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