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SIR 202 Mixed Medium by Hind Halfpenny

A mixed medium piece which represents the lessons of Rasulallah (s). The putting together of the puzzle pieces expresses the importance of community and being open to work together despite our differences, just like the Muhajireen and Ansar balanced each other out. The dots vet colors to represent all the different degrees of faith in Muslims and non-Muslims.  Notice some dots are fully in the rays of light, some fully in the dark and some a little in both.

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Imposters, All

Of course, we should attribute our success to the grace of Allah (swt), and know that all that is good within ourselves comes from Him.
But this becomes a problem when we decide to sit back and hand the reins to others when it is time to take action.

AQD101 Joy Jots: Book Review by Anonymous

With weekly lessons that help strengthen the heart and rediscover the joy of life, Joy Jots: Exercises for a Happy Heart by Tamara Gray is a wonderful guide to keeping on the path of Islam and establishing a closer relationship to Allah swt. Made up of 52 practical lessons and exercises, the book helps the reader not only learn how to adopt good practices, but assists them with putting the knowledge to use by keeping track and holding accountability for oneself.