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Student of the Month – November

In the throes of world-wide isolation, Dr. Aaisha Vawda felt this separation more poignantly as she migrated across the Atlantic, from South Africa to Canada. The loss of family, friends, and familiarity left the introverted Aaisha in search of something more, but still hesitant to venture out into her new community. After a few months, her mother, recognizing her loneliness, shared the Rabata instagram page with Aaisha, encouraging her to explore the organization. Dr. Aaisha obliged and soon found her spiritual and emotional lifeline, a family away from family, a much needed space.

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Back to Writing

To my dismay, I didn’t have another ready-made story idea burning a hole in my pocket. And when I thought of a few (really good ones, actually), a malicious voice always overrode my enthusiasm: This idea requires too much research… That one has a good premise but where would it go from there? And worst of all, You did it once, but you know you can’t do it again. The voice paralyzed me for years. 

Then I remembered my red spiral notebook.

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Importance of Etiquette when Seeking Knowledge

Covid-19 did not do us many favors but one of the best things to come out of that trying time was the proliferation of online methods of study.  At Ribaat, we have been at the forefront of digital knowledge spaces even before that time and we find our numbers of students accessing our classes increasing every year.  This is indeed a sign of more and more women seeking out knowledge and finding that online spaces to learn can be just as effective.  As a teacher at Ribaat, teaching women on this online platform brings me joy.  As Anse Najiyya pointed out last month, our students are of all ages, life stages and levels of knowledge.  

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Student of the Month – October

With great joy and much confidence, the Ribaat Academic Institute announces the 2023 recipient of the Andrea Scholarship: Kori Majeed. Kori Majeed holds many titles and epithets, and soon hopes to add Ribaat Teacher, and insha’Allah one day, Ribaat Scholar to the list. Mrs. Majeed, self-proclaimed serial learner, considers education as a necessary tool in propelling all her ideas forward. She lives a life of beautiful intentionality and purpose, and as a result, she exudes faith in action. Kori works in multiple spaces, online and offline, public and personal, encouraging others to do the same. 

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Karima Traeger Ribaat Academic Institute Student

Student of the Month – September

Karima Traeger found her way to the Ribaat Academic Institute as many of her fellow classmates did – through a friend’s loving recommendation to attend Masjid Rabata programming. Soon after, in 2021, Karima registered for her first classes with Ribaat and continues now with a focus on Arabic, Tajwīd, and Tafsīr. Karima shares that Ribaat provided a space to learn her deen in comfort, joy, and community.

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“A woman with a good bit of life behind her is able to absorb lessons and teach them to others with years’ worth of examples and stories that bring the learning to life. She is able to teach with both an authoritative presence that helps her guide others through the rough waters of self-reflection and a knowing tranquility that is the cozy spiritual equivalent of being 'squishy,' as my granddaughter raves about my middle-age pudge.” Anse Najiyah Maxfield

Students of a Certain Age

When I first began studying at the Ribaat Academic Institute, back before there even really was a Ribaat, I sat down and cried. Not because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to study seriously in my own home. Not because I was so spiritually moved by the Companions in the pilot class that I just couldn’t contain my tears. And not because I enjoyed the exercise of heart and mind that was the final exam. No. I cried because all the other students were in their twenties…maybe thirties…and I was the only one beginning my studies at 50 years old.

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SSC 101: Superwomen: Powers, Kryptonite, & Karamat Reflections

At the completion of the course Superwomen: Powers, Kryptonite, and Karamat, instructor Anse Tamara requested students complete a final reflection assignment. Student Sumayyah penned a letter to herself, reminding herself of the blessings Allah bestowed on her, and the need to use these blessings to live with purpose and conviction.

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Student of the Month – August

Rezwana Haq moved to Troy, Michigan from Bangladesh in 2003 and spent years dedicated to her engineering studies and community work. While working as an Electrical Engineer in the Automotive Industry, she felt the strong pull to study Islam and its various fields more deeply. A couple of friends informed her about Rabata in 2020, and after her own research and exploration, she decided to attend Rabata programming and then finally registered for her first class in Fall of 2021 with the Ribaat Academic Institute.

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Ribaat Student of the Month – July 

The multi-talented, multi-faceted, life-long learner Eva Sasa seeks any opportunity for growth and development she can find. So, in the summer of 2020, when two separate friends shared information about Rabata, Eva could not help but delve deeper. She started attending the Masjid Rabata weekly Qiyam, where she fell in love with the dhikr and atmosphere.  Knowing she found her community, she soon registered for her first classes with the Ribaat Academic Institute.

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