Ustadha Alia Selim

Ustadha Alia Selim is Egyptian-French with a background deeply rooted in Arabic, Quran, Fiqh, Sira, and Hadith. Raised in Egypt, she dedicated herself to these teachings and, for over 20 years, volunteered in Quran and Sira programs for children and Teens.

Living a multifaceted life, Ustadah Alia seamlessly navigates between Switzerland, France, and Egypt. Ustadah Alia recognized the need for Western Muslims to learn Arabic and Islam. With a postgraduate certificate in education from the University of Liverpool and a teaching Arabic to non-speakers certificate from the American University in Cairo, she began teaching to fulfill this need.

Beyond her role as an educator, Ustadah Alia is a mother of five and engages in artistic pursuits as a designer. Her green thumb is evident as she enjoys gardening. She started teaching Arabic at Ribaat in spring 2024.






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