January 2019 – Nurulain Wolhuter

Originally from Namibia, Nurulain Wolhuter lived in England for 20 years and is
now in Cape Town, South Africa, studying sharīʿah full time. She left her profession as a
university law lecturer to study Arabic and the Islamic sciences at Dar al-Turath al-
Islami. She joined Ribaat to improve her tajwīd and her ability to read and memorize the
“The standard of education with Ribaat is excellent,” notes Nurulain. “All the
teachers and volunteers are so professional, kind, and helpful. I feel reinvigorated about
reading Quran.”
Through Ribaat, Nurulain has been able to find clarity and understanding about
the rules of tajwīd. When she reads Quran, she has noticed much improvement in her
pronunciation as well as her fluency.
“I greatly appreciate learning Quran from female teachers,” says Nurulain. “I
hope to progress through Ribaat’s program and eventually earn my certification in
Quranic recitation and memorization.”
With the help of Ribaat, Nurulain aspires to become a ḥāfiẓa of the Quran one
day, inshallah. This will also meet a requirement at her current Islamic studies program,
which accepts Ribaat’s Quran curriculum as supplemental credit.
“I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to study under teachers who have one
of the best sanads in Quran,” Nurulain shares. “They are just wonderful. When they read,
it brings tears to my eyes. I hope that one day, inshallah, I will be able to read even just a
tiny bit like they do. May Allah bless them and continue to raise their rank.”

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