February 2019 – Dr. Zeb Mirza

After living in central Illinois for more than 30 years, Dr. Zeb Mirza and her husband relocated to sunny Phoenix, Arizona in 2001. As a retired pediatrician, Dr. Mirza continues to take care of children and seeks opportunities to serve her community. She volunteers for the American Muslim Women’s Association in Phoenix, a nonprofit that supports families in need as well as educates and teaches refugee women necessary skills for sustainability.

Alongside her volunteering, Dr. Mirza is working to increase her religious knowledge through the Ribaat Academic Program. “I regret not having the resources or drive to further my religious studies during my youth,” shares Dr. Mirza, mother of three grown children. “I feel very fortunate to have found the Ribaat community and am enjoying learning Arabic immensely. It is indeed a beautiful language.”

Dr. Mirza joined the Ribaat Arabic Program last year and has excelled quickly as a diligent student. Through Ribaat, she hopes to gain much more knowledge in Islam as well as grow spiritually.

“My passion is fitness, and I like to exercise and eat well to maintain a sound body and mind,” says Dr. Mirza. “Spiritual well-being is just as important, so my additional goal is to devote ample time to acquiring knowledge that will benefit me in this life and the next and prepare me to meet my Creator.”

It is important for Dr. Mirza to not just learn the sacred sciences, but to apply them in her daily life as well. She states that she is making a sincere effort to bring iḥsān (excellence) to her worldly affairs and worship.

“To obtain this kind of traditional Islamic knowledge is essential,” Dr. Mirza notes. “Shaykha Tamara Gray’s dedication to equip women with this beneficial knowledge is so inspiring. I am truly grateful to her for developing Ribaat as that platform for us women.”

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