March 2019 – Tsara Ahmad

Dr. Tsara Ahmad strives to project a positive image of Muslim women. As a professor at the University of Malaya in Malaysia and a hand and micro surgeon, Dr. Ahmad is setting the example of what it means to be a professional and productive woman of faith. She focuses on smaller projects to make a greater difference.

Currently, she works with Limbs for Life, which operates out of a Buddhist center and distributes free artificial limbs to those in need. Along with her professional career, she is continuing to pursue her Islamic studies with the Ribaat Academic Program.

In 2017, Dr. Ahmad heard Anse Tamara Gray speak during the Rabata Malaysia tour. That was when she was introduced to the organization, and she soon became a student with Ribaat in 2018.

“I am so glad I went to hear Anse Tamara,” shares Dr. Ahmad, who enjoys gardening and art. “Ribaat has made my life so much better. It’s helping me gain more knowledge and wisdom. It’s also given me a sense of satisfaction, gratefulness, and peace.”

Dr. Ahmad feels that she has learned a lot from her Ribaat teachers and classes thus far. Not only has she gained religious knowledge, but spiritual growth as well.

“I am so grateful to have a greater understanding of my faith now,” Dr. Ahmad says. “As a result, I feel a closeness to my Creator more than ever before. I wish nothing but the best for all my Ribaat teachers and classmates.  I pray you all have success in both worlds.”

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