October 2018 – Amina Khan

Ms. Amina Khan is a Michigan resident, originally from India, who used to work as a pharmacy technician. Now, she can be found volunteering at her local masjid and taking classes as a student with the Ribaat Academic Program.

​Ms. Amina is the proud grandmother of three beautiful children. Along with volunteering, she likes to sew and cook in her free time. Being a Ribaat student has been a fulfilling addition to her schedule.

​“I joined Ribaat at the beginning of the new year,” shares Ms. Amina. “My niece Saima Ahmed is a volunteer and student of Rabata and told me about its online learning program for women. It was definitely something new for me, but I decided to give it a try.”

​One reason Ms. Amina chose to sign up for Ribaat was to work towards her long-time goal of reading the Qur’an better. She now wants to continue her studies to learn more about Islam as well as understand what she is reading in the Qur’an.

​She may be a recent student of Ribaat, but Ms. Amina is already thriving and shining. Her hard work and diligence is helping her progress well in the program.

“This nomination means so much to me,” says Ms. Amina. “I am so thankful and appreciate everyone involved in getting me to this point. I have absolutely loved the experience so far and look forward to learning more! Thank you again.”

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