SSC 101: Superwomen: Powers, Kryptonite, & Karamat Reflections

At the completion of the course Superwomen: Powers, Kryptonite, and Karamat, instructor Anse Tamara requested students complete a final reflection assignment. Student Sumayyah penned a letter to herself, reminding herself of the blessings Allah bestowed on her, and the need to use these blessings to live with purpose and conviction.

Dear Me,

You’ve sat through a whole semester of listening to stories of superwomen who have defied the odds, used their gifts, left a mark on this world, and built their akhirah. It’s time to stop playing it small and hiding from yourself. When you were young, it was ingrained in you that women shouldn’t be seen and if they are, they definitely shouldn’t be heard. You were told that the best women were the ones who didn’t make a fuss, who were obedient and hidden in the back. The idea of living your life in the shadow of others is not what superwomen do!

Allah has blessed you with superpowers- you’re a skilled therapist, you’re good at teaching and public speaking, and you connect with people on an individual level meaningfully. You care deeply about community and about Muslim women in particular. Allah has blessed you with a husband who encourages and supports your growth and removes barriers so that you can find your passion and path to Jannah. Stop running away from these gifts!

Take Umm Salamah, Asiya, Khadijah (R) and of course, the woman you were named after, Sumayyah bint Khayat, each whose trust in and love for Allah shaped their lives and changed the world. They all embodied deep courage and conviction in Allah and lived in this world with purpose and clarity of vision. They embraced their gifts, overcame their challenges and held on to Allah through all of it.

You are responsible for using the gifts Allah has given you to get closer to Him and to build your akhirah. No one else can do that for you; you have to take ownership of yourself and your life and lean into the ways in which Allah has made you so that you can please Him. No more ignoring your superpowers, playing it small or forgetting that your journey to Jannah matters!



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