Student of the Month – August

Rezwana Haq moved to Troy, Michigan from Bangladesh in 2003 and spent years dedicated to her engineering studies and community work. While working as an Electrical Engineer in the Automotive Industry, she felt the strong pull to study Islam and its various fields more deeply. A couple of friends informed her about Rabata in 2020, and after her own research and exploration, she decided to attend Rabata programming and then finally registered for her first class in Fall of 2021 with the Ribaat Academic Institute.

As many Ribaat women attest, finding this learning institution felt like an answered dua – Rezwana is no exception. She started her Ribaat experience with Level One classes, such as Purification 101, Companions, and Tafsir. As she approaches her two-year anniversary, she still considers the Purification and Companions courses as her all-time favorites that offered her a new lens on her faith and elevated her practice. She recognizes Ribaat as a great blessing and opportunity that Allah (SWT) bestowed upon her, with each class addressing the void she felt in her practice and knowledge.

Ribaat equipped Rezwana with tools to be confident in her practice through its enriched curriculum and accessibility to women scholars. She especially credits Anse Marah Dahman with opening the door for her to start exploring purification and to move forward to the path to Allah. In particular, Anse Marah’s kind and compassionate characteristics and nurturing style in teaching resonates with Rezwana, filling her with immense gratitude to Allah ta’ala. Rezwana hopes to continue her studies with the Ribaat Academic Institute toward completion of the Teacher Certification.

When not working or diligently studying, dear Rezwana can also be found offering her time to help others personally or professionally in any capacity possible. She volunteers at her local masjid and with Rabata in multiple capacities. She loves to spend time with her two beautiful daughters, watch sports, and learn about different cultures. At the Masjid Rabata qiyam program, Rezwana can occasionally be found sharing her love for anasheed with the attendees as she sings heart moving and soothing songs in Bengali about Allah and His Beloved, salAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

We pray that Allah ta’ala blesses Rezwana’s journey, placing barakah in her time, and allowing her to continue to use her skillset to the benefit of those around her, and to elevate her as a positive cultural change agent in her community. Ameen.

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