Student of the Month – August

August 2020 Ribaat Student of the Month – Safiyya Mohammad

            Based in Trinidad and Tobago, Saffiyya Mohammed is a proud advocate of the beautiful Caribbean Muslim community and works in social media management and digital media. Saffiyya studied marine biology, loves books and finds the beach as her favorite place for calm. Through social media, she was introduced to Dr. Tamara Gray’s lectures and became a student with the Ribaat Academic Program four years ago.
            “All of my religious knowledge has come through men,” shares Saffiyya. “I have never seen women in a position of knowledge, who also brought up women’s issues in their teaching. I never knew of the critical roles women have played in Islamic history or their significant presence in the Qur’ān and Sīra. It was an entirely new experience for me. I found Rabata at a time when I was seeking out Muslim women representation in media, mainly through books. Having access to an online community has really broadened my scope for seeking knowledge as well as meeting and interacting with Muslim women from around the world.” 
            Saffiyya describes learning through Ribaat as ‘transformative.’ She appreciates its convenience and accessibility as a platform to gain Islamic knowledge. Since taking her first course, Saffiyya’s appetite to learn about her faith has grown significantly.

            “Rabata and Ribaat are like an oasis in the desert or a spark of illumination on a dark path,” Saffiyya says. “It’s a blessing for everyone, especially for women needing a safe and nurturing space for spiritual healing and growth. Through these classes and programs, we have the opportunity to build and nurture our relationship with our Creator as well as implement ‘positive cultural change.’ Thank you, Rabata, and the team that powers it.”


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