Student of the Month – February

Ribaat Student of the Month ~ February 2021
Rusha Atfeh

Rusha Atfeh is of Syrian origin and was raised in Tampa, Florida, where she currently resides with her husband and 3 children – twin 7-year-old boys and a 4-year-old daughter. Her field of study is architecture and interior design, and she recently started a Rabata chapter in Tampa. Despite being introverted, Rusha has taken on an important community-engaging position.
Since Ribaat’s inception in 2013, Rusha has taken classes on and off while managing motherhood. She was introduced to the institute through her mother.
“I instantly jumped on board,” recalls Rusha, who delivered her twins the very first semester she enrolled as a student. “The program was an answered prayer Alhamdulillah.”
            Rusha states that Ribaat is more than ‘just an educational platform.’ She feels it represents and provides a uniquely traditional spiritual experience and connection that she felt deprived of growing up in the States.

“Rabata (and Ribaat) was the life jacket I did not know I needed,” Rusha shares. “It brought together the intellectual with the spiritual and elevated my faith. Before becoming a student, I simply lived in accordance with my faith. Then immediately afterwards, my faith became something I felt in every aspect of my life. All the while, Rabata has provided me with a community of incredible women to accompany me on this journey to our shared destination.”
Some of Rusha’s academic goals include obtaining the Ribaat Teacher Certification as well as eventually receiving an ijāzah in Tajwīd inshallah. Aside from her studies and volunteer work, Rusha enjoys crafting, baking and organizing. She also loves the fall season, naps and all things Nutella.

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