Student of the Month – January

January 2021 Ribaat Student of the Month – Carla Taylor

Carla Taylor is originally from San Francisco but currently lives in Southern California with her husband and 3 kids. She enjoys hiking, biking and traveling and holds a background in the non-profit healthcare field. She uses her experience in grant writing and community outreach to volunteer for various nonprofit organizations including Rabata. Carla also home-schools her children and volunteers with them at a community garden in the hopes of encouraging and demonstrating to them the importance of giving back and contributing towards the world.

In 2019, Carla attended the Falah Workshop online and joined Ribaat as an Arabic student. Prior to that, Carla had heard Dr. Tamara Gray speak in Chicago.

“I have enjoyed every moment of my journey towards seeking more knowledge of Islam through Ribaat,” shares Carla. “The classes are constructed beautifully, and the teachers are so supportive. I love that the program is run and taught by women. It’s such a welcoming and empowering environment, and I have met and made so many friends through Ribaat.”

Since becoming a Ribaat student, Carla has found that she is much more focused on things that ‘truly matter’ and feels she has more balance in her daily life.

“I have grown more spiritually and find that the more I dedicate myself to learning and applying my knowledge in real life situations, the more blessings I receive,” Carla says. “It’s beautiful to experience.”

Carla is working towards obtaining the Ribaat Teacher Certification and also plans on receiving her ijāza in tajwīdthrough Ribaat. Alongside her studies, Carla is working towards her spiritual growth as well. She recently attended the Ibadah Retreat virtually with Circles of Light and feels more equipped to go into the new year with deeper goals and better spiritual strength. She found the experience to be a form of ‘healing’ for her.

In her free time, Carla loves exploring her creativity and enjoys reading and writing. She is very appreciative of her husband and children, who have continuously been encouraging and supporting Carla along her journey of learning and growth.

“They are always cheering me on and are eager for me to share with them what I have learned,” tells Carla. “I also love reading the Quran with my family and discussing certain verses and how they relate to the life we live now. It’s a great way to share our thoughts and build an even closer bond. I feel blessed, inspired and uplifted by Ribaat and the women I have met through it.”

2 thoughts on “Student of the Month – January”

  1. OMA!!!
    Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah!!!
    Mabrook Sister Carla!! Congratulations!!!
    You are such an inspiration and I am so happy for you to win this much deserved recognition!
    I know how dedicated you are to your classes and all praise is due to Allah for empowering you to learn so much so quickly.
    Jazak Allah Khair to the entire Ribaat organization for all their hard work. May Allah reward all of you.

  2. Sophronia Spicer

    As salaamu alaikum Carla and Congratulations! Have a wonderful Spring Semester 2021! See you in class:-)


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