Ribaat Academic Institute January 2023 Student of The Month Aida Azlin (Picture of Muslim student wearing green scarf with cactus pin on her blazer pocket)

Student of the Month – January

Aida Azlin is a Singaporean residing in Morocco, who runs an online global community called AA Plus for Muslim women. For the last eight years, she has been writing a weekly newsletter called Tuesday Love Letters. Aida is a proud ‘cat mom’ and loves to host guests in her home.

She became a student with the Ribaat Academic Institute three years ago and was introduced to the program by her teacher Anse ‘Alimatunnisa Abdul Ghani. Aida attributes her ‘obsession’ with the Quran after taking her first tajwīd course and then finishing a full reading of the Quran with correct pronunciation from cover to cover.

“I love the Quran,” shares Aida.“Is it crazy to say I am slightly obsessed with it? It all started from the Tajwid Course I took with Ribaat! And then to finishing my khitma, it still feels surreal. Anything on and about the Quran makes my heart skip a beat.”

Beyond the sacred knowledge that she has gained from her Ribaat teachers and coursework, Aida states that the program has taught her a lot about iḥsān or excellence in one’s practice of faith. From the way the curriculum is designed to the material and resources provided to students, Aida sees everything done with iḥsān. She even finds the volunteer course admins to carry this great quality in how they facilitate their respective sessions for the students and teachers.

“My experience with Ribaat thus far has been so inspiring and humbling,” Aida says. “It has been truly meaningful and fulfilling for me. The key is to not give up. It does not matter if you miss an assignment or need to catch up in your class, just reset your intentions. Consider this as an investment in your ākhirah.”

One of the best pieces of advice Aida received from her teacher was to sign up for those classes that she is able to attend live. She considers it to be ‘the golden tip.’ Aida is very honored to receive this recognition as Student of the Month and encourages all Ribaat students to ‘give it their best shot.’

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