Student of the Month – July

As salaamu alaikum,


My name is Anneeza binti Zainal. I’m 38 years old from Putrajaya, Malaysia, and am

married with four children. I have a Masters in Microbiology and used to work with

the Ministry of Health before deciding to become a full-time mom after my second

child was born.


Before I gave birth to him, I had a molar pregnancy and had to undergo six months of

chemotherapy. This was my turning point as I used to be so caught up with

worldliness. As a born Muslim, I thought once your daily prayers are lined up and you

fast one month in the year, that that’s enough. However, being Muslim means much

more than just rituals.


When I became sick, I started to read the Quran with translation and Islamic

motivational books. Since then, I have been trying to practice the knowledge in my

daily life being a daughter, wife and mother. Aside from parenting and being a

student, I like to read and write as well as sew and sell custom-made baby carriers to

support my educational fees.


Earlier this year, Anse Tamara Gray came to Malaysia, and her words magically

attracted me. I wanted to know more about Ribaat and found just what I was looking

for: an online Islamic academy for women taught by qualified female scholars that’s

flexible with time and affordable too. I was overwhelmed with the variety of subjects

offered, not knowing where to start. I then decided to begin with the Quran courses.

The Explanation of Juzu’ ‘Amma class left me in awe after every session. I promised

myself not to miss a single live class to experience the interaction between the teacher

and the students, which is so lovely. Apart from that, we all got to connect via

WhatsApp, which has been so convenient and helpful. In the fall, I plan to register in

the Arabic program, as I really want to learn the language of the Quran.


Alhamdullillah the Ribaat class duration is adequate, and being able to learn without

leaving home is just perfect. Irrespective of it being a virtual experience, the students

are still able to connect with each other. I have learned new things, made new friends,

and improved my relationship with Allah along the way.


I believe that each one of us, born Muslim or converts, is always a ‘New Muslim.’

The knowledge in this religion cannot be simply inherited. We need to learn in order

to know. Now that I have found the platform, I am looking forward to mastering the

Arabic language to be able to read, understand, and converse well.


I pray that Ribaat continues to prosper and expand as I want this program available

for my daughter when she is older as well inshallah. May Allah bless the

organization, its founder Anse Tamara and its team. Thank you for this happiness and

helping me finally discover this beautiful little ‘Jannah’ on Earth, Alhamdullilah.

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