Student of the Month – June

When Nigora Aminova left Tajikistan in 2017, she hoped to live a life more authentically aligned with her Islamic values and faith. Whether she expected that would result in  one day teaching sisters in her home country was not clear. However, it became an inevitable opportunity after being introduced to the Ribaat Academic Institute by her dear cousin and Rabata communications expert, Umeda. In 2020, Nigora registered for her first classes, setting her on a path of joy-filled faith. 

Prior to migrating to Nebraska, Nigora completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Negotiations and became a mother to two children. Once in America, she decided to pursue a career in healthcare, and now serves as Cardiac Monitoring Tech at a local hospital. Between night shifts, odd hours at work, and spending time with her children and her sweet grandson, Nigora finds the time to commit to classes with Ribaat and spread all that she learns with friends and family locally and globally.

Nigora has taken classes at Ribaat in all Islamic branches from Sira to Tajwid to Fiqh and Personal Development. Her experience in Ribaat Sira courses expanded her love for the Prophet (s) and the Companions (r), while the study of fiqh made her aware of the details around worship practice. While she readily registered for all these courses, Nigora initially felt limited in her understanding. So she reset her intention for learning English so she could benefit from the wonderful female scholars at Ribaat, and benefit others by them as well.

In Tajikistan, the notion of female scholars and true Islamic learning were few and far between. Ribaat and Rabata opened a whole new world for Nigora, for which she continuously expresses her gratitude through her positive testimonials and spreading the khair wherever she can. In particular, she accredits Anse Tamara with having the greatest influence on her life, especially after visiting the Rabata Cultural Center in Ramadan. She found an increase in the blessings of her days, an increase in her faith, a different worldview rooted in Islam, and the most joyful sisterhood. 

Nigora’s infectious positivity and authenticity can be seen across Rabata channels, in her local work, and her dawah efforts. She prays to continue her studies with Ribaat in Tajwid and Fiqh and with the hope of attaining an Ijazah in 40 Hadith Nawawi. When not working, studying, or volunteering, Nigora loves to go for dhikr walks, craft, and find any opportunity to help someone in need.

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