Student of the Month – June

June 2020 Ribaat Student of the Month – Linda Mahairi Hamadeh

Linda Mahairi Hamadeh is a mom of four born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is a certified high school science teacher and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision as well as a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. She taught for over 20 years and is currently a curriculum coordinator. Linda is also an active member at her local mosque, where she has run the weekend school for 15 years and presently serves on its board of directors.
“I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve my community,” shares Linda, who enjoys cooking and travelling in her free time. “I am so grateful to Allah and pray that He makes our intentions for His sake alone and grants us steadfastness and sincerity.”

Alongside her community efforts, Linda has been a diligent Ribaat student since its inception in 2012. She has been steadily taking courses and is on track to be of Ribaat’s first graduating class inshallah.

“Ribaat has thoroughly enriched my life academically as well as spiritually in a manner that caters to my busy schedule from the comfort of my own home,” Linda says. “Abu Huraira (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah (S) said, ‘Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.’ Ribaat has given me the opportunity to expand my Islamic knowledge in a structured environment with regular assessments and feedback for better retention of material, while also providing me with practical tools to promote my spiritual growth and da’wah work. I am truly thankful to Allah for this opportunity of a lifetime. I encourage everyone to take advantage of it as well.”

Receiving the Ribaat Teacher Certification is just the first stop for Linda. She hopes to go on and eventually obtain further degrees or certifications through the program.

“I feel so honored and humbled to be a student of Ribaat, where I am continuously inspired by such incredible female teachers,” says Linda. “I am also surrounded by like-minded sisters, who share a passion for learning, thereby encouraging each other to always strive to be better. Thank you to the Ribaat team for this nomination.”

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